Puppet certificates active after puppet clean

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I revoke the certificate of a node in puppet:

puppet revoke node1.example.com

The certificate is revoked as expected.

- "node1.example.com"    (SHA1) 05:88:D6:73:C0:35:3C:25:89:0C:7E:CE:DC:A6:39:76:13:C4:46:C3 (certificate revoked)

After running:

puppet cert clean node2.example.com

The certificate of node2 is revoked and removed correctly, but the certificate of node1 is active again.

+ "node1.example.com"    (SHA1) 05:88:D6:73:C0:35:3C:25:89:0C:7E:CE:DC:A6:39:76:13:C4:46:C3

Why is this happening?

Mar 12 in Puppet by Neel

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Hey, the exact same thing happened to me as well. I think its a bug. I would suggest to remove the certificate and run puppet on your node1 with debug mode, to see what happens.

answered Mar 12 by Yesha

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