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How to build a good resume for my first interview? What are the best resume building resources available?
May 16 in Career Counselling by riya

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Hi, Riya,

I would say not to follow different websites for resume, but follow or make a resume from taking reference from professionals available in LinkedIn, and other job seeking or recruitment websites.

Do not cut and paste the career objective, hobbies, and interests.

Make your resume more creative and interesting than others.
answered May 16 by Cherukuri
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Hey Riya, there are a few websites which offer really good resume building tools:

  • Zety: Best Paid Option for Most People

  • Canva: Best Free Option

  • Kickresume: Good for Inexperienced Resume Creators and Industry-Specific Resumes

  • Visual CV: Good for More Customized Resume Versions

  • Visuailze Me: Really good option for visual resume

  • CV Maker: Free option for making resume

answered Jun 12 by Fenny

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