How to highlight Tableau or Power BI certification in resume?

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How to highlight Tableau or Power BI certification in resume if I'm attending a interview for a BI developer role?
Sep 3 in Career Counselling by rajeev bhat

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Hi Rajeev,

Resume for a BI developer needs skills such as Excel, Tableau, Power BI, etc.

1. Add a subheading for each domain such as web tools, os, Bi Tools, etc under skills heading to highlight your skills for the job.

2. Add projects for the same by describing a clear and neat description of the projects done.

3. Add any extra work that you have participated in contests using the tools mentioned above.

4. Write any blogs and add then im your resume(would add value)

5. Any experience as a freelancer or any internships would be an addition.

Hope it helps!
answered Sep 3 by anonymous
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Hey Rajeev, to make your resume more impressive by highlighting your skills like Tableau or Power BI, try mentioning all the projects and assignments you have done on Tableau or Power BI in your resume. If you are an experienced professional, then mention your previous job roles stating how you have used Tableau or Power BI in them. Also state all your certifications or courses, if you have any in these technologies.

I hope this would help you. All the best for your future!
answered Sep 10 by Abha
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Hiring managers look for the stamp of approval. Hence its important that your resume stands out and speaks for you.

One thing you could do is use the digital badges that you get after becoming a certified expert, in your resume.

With new digital badges to showcase certification titles, let your online resumes and social profiles stand out.

let your badges brag for you.

All the best!
answered Sep 10 by Sirajul
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It's always a good practice to add a certification section in your resume where you can add all the certifications you have. If you have any relevant experience, add that as well. The certifications are valued more when you have experience.
answered Sep 10 by Bhagya

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