How to import TestNG in Eclipse for Selenium

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I want to use assertion methods in my selenium test scripts, but for that I have to import TestNG plugin into Eclipse. Can anyone please help me with the installation of TestNG in Eclipse framework?
May 16, 2019 in Selenium by Charu

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Hi Charu, to install TestNG framework in Eclipse you need to use Install New Software feature of Eclipse:

  1. In Eclipse, on top menu bar, Under Help Menu, Click on "Install new Software" in help window:

  2. Enter the URL ( at Work with field and click on "Add" button:

  3. Once you click on "Add", it will display the screen, enter the Name as "TestNG":

    beust link

  4. After clicking on "OK", it will scan and display the software available with the URL which you have mentioned. Now select the checkbox at TestNG and Click on "Next" button:

  5. It will check for the requirement and dependencies before starting the installation. If there is any problem with the requirements/dependencies, it will ask you to install them first before continuing with TestNG:

  6. Once the above step is done, it will ask you to review the installation details. If your are ready or Ok to install TestNG, click on "Next" to continue.
  7. Accept the Terms of the license agreement and Click on "Finish" button:

  8. Finally once the installation is done, you can check the TestNG is installed properly or Not. For that, Go to Windows Menu bar, and Mouse Over on "Show View" and Click on "Other" at the last as in the below screen shot:

  9. Expand Java folder and see if the TestNg is available as in the below screen shot:

answered May 17, 2019 by Abha
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