SEO A whois server that work for SE domains

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I'm developing a small domain checker and I can't get .SE to work:

public string Lookup(string domain, RecordType recordType, SeoToolsSettings.Tld tld)
    TcpClient tcp = new TcpClient();
    tcp.Connect(tld.WhoIsServer, 43);
    string strDomain = recordType.ToString() + " " + domain + "\r\n";
    byte[] bytDomain = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(strDomain.ToCharArray());
    Stream s = tcp.GetStream();
    s.Write(bytDomain, 0, strDomain.Length);
    StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(tcp.GetStream(), Encoding.ASCII);
    string strLine = "";
    StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
    while (null != (strLine = sr.ReadLine()))
    if (tld.WhoIsDelayMs > 0) System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(tld.WhoIsDelayMs);
    return builder.ToString();

I've tried whois servers and put I keep getting:

# Copyright (c) 1997- .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation).
# All rights reserved.

# The information obtained through searches, or otherwise, is protected
# by the Swedish Copyright Act (1960:729) and international conventions.
# It is also subject to database protection according to the Swedish
# Copyright Act.

# Any use of this material to target advertising or
# similar activities is forbidden and will be prosecuted.
# If any of the information below is transferred to a third
# party, it must be done in its entirety. This server must
# not be used as a backend for a search engine.

# Result of search for registered domain names under
# the .SE top level domain.

# The data is in the UTF-8 character set and the result is
# printed with eight bits.

"domain" not found.


I've tried changing to UTF8 with no other result.

When I try using whois from sysinternals I get the correct result, but not with my code, not even using


Feb 19 in Selenium by Kichu
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I used wireshark, for solving this issue

string strDomain = recordType.ToString() + " " + domain + "\r\n";

(recordType.ToString == "DOMAIN")

see this whoais doesnt add the domain so removing that solved my issue
answered Feb 20 by narikkadan
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