What are the features of d3js?

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Can anyone suggest what are some of the features of d3JS which sets it apart from other libraries?
May 8 in Career Counselling by Ankur

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Hey Ankur, following are some of the features of d3.js:

  • Data Driven: D3 is data driven. It can use static data or fetch it from the remote server in different formats such as Arrays, Objects, CSV, JSON, XML etc. to create different types of charts.
  • Interaction and animation: D3 provides great support for animation with functions like duration(), delay() and ease(). Animations from one state to another are fast and responsive to user interactions.
  • DOM Manipulation: D3 allows you to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) based on your data.
  • Data Driven Elements: It empowers your data to dynamically generate elements and apply styles to the elements, be it a table, a graph or any other HTML element and/or group of elements.
  • Types of visualization: With D3, there are no standard visualization formats. But it enables you to create anything from an HTML table to a Pie chart, from graphs and bar charts to geospatial maps.
  • Custom Visualizations: Since D3 works with web standards, it gives you complete control over your visualization features.
  • Uses Web Standards: D3 is an extremely powerful visualization tool to create interactive data visualizations. It exploits the modern web standards: SVG, HTML and CSS to create data visualization.
  • Transitions: D3 provides the transition() function. This is quite powerful because internally, D3 works out the logic to interpolate between your values and find the intermittent states.
  • Dynamic Properties: D3 gives the flexibility to provide dynamic properties to most of its functions. Properties can be specified as functions of data. That means your data can drive your styles and attributes.
answered May 8 by Eric
Who even uses d3js anymore? There are so many other good js frameworks for data visualization.

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