How to prepare for technical analyst job profile [closed]

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I was working in a reputed firm from past 5 as a System Engineer. Now I want to shift my job profile to Technical analyst. I got one interview call on next week in another company, so I need to prepare for this. Can some one please help me out, what should I prepare and how? 

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Apr 23, 2019 in Career Counselling by asha

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Which is the company that has called for the interview? coz, this depends from company to company.
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The job profile you want to opt for, demands both management skills and sound technical knowledge. They will test your understanding of technical issues and communication skills. You need to go through both the technical as well as HR round to qualify for selection.

So technical round can be face to face, telephonic or Skype depending on convenience. Questions will be based on your CV and area of specialization. 

For Technical round questions can be like:-

1. Your introduction.

2. What were the challenges in your previous job?

3. Contribution to your previous job?

4. Questions on how to lead your team and manage a project?

5. What is your expectation of the next job?

6. They may ask you what is the most complex task you have handled in your previous job?

HR round:- Once you are cleared with your technical interview, you go on to an interview with the HR department. You will be asked some common HR questions around your communication skills, work ethics, teamwork skills, leadership skills. This is also the time when they will discuss on salary, work location, terms of employment, etc.

So be patient while answering those questions, have a positive attitude for all your answers.

answered Apr 23, 2019 by Gitika
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Interview questions are designed to test your understanding of technical issues along with your communication skills.

Be prepared with the technical stuff mentioned in your resume and also with the technical skills required or are in the demand in the IT industry.

Also be well prepared with the usual Aptitude and communication skilled Questions.

This will do!
answered Sep 11, 2019 by anonymous

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