How to prepare for Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer Exam

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Hey, Can anyone share how did you prepare for Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer Exam? Did you take the Oracle Java training or used other materials?
Sep 6, 2019 in Career Counselling by nithin

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Hi, Nithin.

You can take or learn java course or certification online or in any institute. I would prefer learning from oracle java tutorials for better understanding and the same standard of the exam. There are 2 exams for java programmer certifications, which are Java SE 8 Programmer I and II. The official page on oracle gives a brief of what topics to cover for preparing for the exam.

The topics covered for the exam can be found here for Java SE 8 Programmer I and II.

For preparing for the exam, each topic has links to a complete lesson or notes to prepare by yourself. Any doubts can be clarified and found in java communities or educational websites or blogs.

All the best!

answered Sep 9, 2019 by rachna
Topics covered in these two tutorials enough?
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  • Join an Online Course 

As I would like to add, online courses are perhaps the most ideal approaches to become familiar with a new technology in a brief timeframe, and that additionally holds true for preparing a certification exam like Oracle’s Java certification.

They are the second most ideal way, only alongside an individual teacher or classroom training. 

  • Follow a Study Guide 

Aside from an online course, you likewise need a decent book or study guide, which 100% spread the test subjects or schedule. So relying upon which test you are going to take, purchase the comparing study guide. 

  • Practice Coding Daily 

A standout amongst other approach to get ready for Java accreditation is to compose code every day. Attempt to code the queries and models offered in the book and check whether response matches with the yield of the program. 

This won't just build up your coding capacity yet in addition improve your code perusing capacity which is essential to solve Java Puzzles from genuine tests. 

  • Take an active part in CodeRanch Forum 

Alongside great examination material, you likewise need a situation to support your arrangement and there is no better spot to get that condition than It was before known as Javaranch discussion and it is surely the best spot to hang out in the event that you are getting ready for Java certifications. 

  • Explain Practice Questions from Book 

You should initially attempt to explain the training questions, tests, fill in the spaces and different activities given in your book or Study guide and consistently comprehend them actually like know it all about them. 

  • Practice Mock Exams 

Java Certification planning is really fragmented without taking two or three counterfeit tests. They are the most significant piece of your planning in light of the fact that by giving a mock test in the real test like conditions you measure your speed, precision, and perseverance.

answered Sep 9, 2019 by Sirajul
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Is taking an online certification course really helpful?
Hey @Bhagya, I took the certification and it's really worth it. But you have to do a lot of learning by yourself and prepare a lot before taking up the exam. I got a job as Software engineer due to my certification only.

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