Why there was a year gap in your employment

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After I left my first job due to some personal reason and went for my next job, the interviewer asked me question that why there is a year gap in my employment? I got confused and answered some random thought that came to my mind. Can someone help me, how can I answer this question so that it should look convincing enough?

Apr 23, 2019 in Career Counselling by rashmi
What's the reason for having such a big break though? Something personal or can you share it? Either way, IMO you should be honest and upfront with your reason. Whether you want to reveal the actual reason or not..

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Short gaps in employment may get unnoticed but if you have a longer period of gap, it is wise to stick with the truth. If you really have a valid personal reason then go for a good explanation, that should not portray as a makeup story or something.

Try to highlight what you have done in that time period, like if you have learned any technology or done some training as to industry level. This will tell the interviewer that you have been productive during this and period and working on your skills.


answered Apr 23, 2019 by Gitika
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This was the same case with me. I had a gap of 1 year in my employment. The best thing i did was explain honestly that i had a genuine reason behind it and also i have upgraded my skills to match today's industry demands.

This worked for me!
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If the reason is genuine then it's better, to tell the truth to a certain level.

But if it is due to any problem or any serious problem by yourself or company then don't try to make up, because at some point you would get caught. You can tell them a similar situation to the actual problem without getting caught.
answered Jul 12, 2019 by anonymous
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