Important Edureka Tech Career Guide is out

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For those of you who are unaware, Edureka's tech career guide is out. There's a pretty detailed analysis about how each domain is likely to perform, and how a career can be forged in them. 

I encourage everyone to use it and share how useful it has been for your career. I'll share more such useful resources. Others plz do likewise.

This is the link just in case for downloading the technology/domain wise report:

Apr 8, 2019 in Others by Vardhan
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Woah!! That was a lot of information for an 8-page document. Very informative and to the point. I think this should be the go-to guide for everyone looking for career-based clarity in the field of DevOps.
answered Apr 10, 2019 by Priya
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Hi @Vardhan. Thanks for sharing the link.. It was really helpful. I will share it as much as possible..

Thanks again.
answered Apr 11, 2019 by Jai
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Thanks, Vardhan

It was quite helpful and useful. It covers general questions and is quite informative for freshers and employees.
answered Apr 25, 2019 by Cherukuri
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This is one of the best things one can ever come with!! Just one click and good to go to choose your career. Thank you so much for bringing up something like this, it is going to help all the freshers coming up to choose their career.

Thank you for pulling every information together. Surely going to share this link as much as possible.

answered Apr 25, 2019 by Gitika
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