What is the best advice you would give to a Software Developer?

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I am a fresher and recently started my career as a Software Developer. What is the best advice you would give to me so that it can help me in my career?
Feb 12 in Career Counselling by Ashok

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"Become an asset to your company"

"Read books"

"Growth of Ethics is as important as the growth of skills"

"Don't show off. Your work will attract attention by itself"
answered Feb 12 by Kamal
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"Work hard, party harder"

This is what I follow in life. A software Developer has hards day during the week. He has to get his work done, meet deadlines, spend time with family. It is too hectic. And weekends are when he is relaxed. So, as much as you work over the week, you should enjoy more than that on a weekend. So, work hard, perform well but party harder.
answered Feb 12 by Karan

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