Using R packages in Power BI

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How can I use R packages in Power BI?
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You need to add the packages you want via the R Installation specified in the Power BI Options or you can add your R script in Power BI by clicking on the Get Data and then using the R script and pasting the code.

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You can use the powerful R programming language to create visuals in the Power BI service. Many R packages are supported in the Power BI service (and more are being supported all the time), and some packages are not.

The following sections provide an alphabetical table of which R packages are supported in Power BI, and which are not. For more information about R in Power BI, see the R visuals article.

Request support for a new R package

Supported R packages for the Power BI service are found in the following section, titled Supported Packages. If you would like to request support of an R package not found in that list, you can send an email with your request to the R in Power BI Feedback Team.

Requirements and Limitations of R packages

There are a handful of requirements and limitations for R packages:

  • The Power BI service, for the most part, supports R packages with free and open-source software licenses such as GPL-2, GPL-3, MIT+, and so on.

  • The Power BI service supports packages published in CRAN. The service does not support private or custom R packages. Users are encouraged to make their private packages available on CRAN prior to requesting the package be available in the Power BI service.

  • The Power BI Desktop has two variations for R packages:

    • For R visuals, you can install any package, including custom R packages
    • For Custom R visuals, only public CRAN packages are supported for auto-installation of the packages
  • For security and privacy reasons, R packages that provide client-server queries over the World-Wide Web (such as RgoogleMaps) in the service, are not supported. Networking is blocked for such attempts. See the following section for a list of supported and unsupported R packages.

  • The approval process for including a new R package has a tree of dependencies; some dependencies required to be installed in the service cannot be supported.

R packages that are supported in Power BI

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