Replacing Data Source from one Server to Another

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We are deploying Tableau for a bank.
We had created 6 test dashboards using dummy data on a staging data base using sql connection and lets say has an ip

Now we need to use the same view we had used with the dummy data on Live data but using a different connection which is again an sql engine & IP lets say as All the variable names and other properties are the same, not difference is that the Live data would not have calculated fields which we can deploy on the Live environment.

The challenge is: the LIVE data being of a bank is highly confidential and cannot be used from outside operations site rather we need to deploy it from an ODC [restricted environment]. Hence we simply cannot do a replace data source.
Hence we are planning to move twbx files and data extracts for each of these views using a shared folder to the ODC. 
Then the process would be like below:

  1. As the LIVE sql data base is different from the dummy sql we will get error
  2. We will select edit data connection
  3. Will select tableau data extract for each sheet and dashboard
  4. Will then select the option of replace data source and select LIVE SQL database
  5. Will extract the new data
  6. The visualization should work fine

Earlier we had just moved TWBX files hence it failed. Is there a different approach to it? Thanks in advance.

Sep 20, 2018 in Tableau by Nitish
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I did something similar to it For that, you must have

  1. same schema as of Live database and dummy database

  2. do not change name of any source table or column

  3. create your viz

  4. send it in the .tbw form which is editable HTML format

  5. Now the hard part- open your tbw in notepad and replace all connection details to new one

  6. save and open in the tableau

There is also a Python library called the Tableau Document API that you can use for step 5. Posted on Tableau’s site
Hope this works!

answered Sep 20, 2018 by Naruto
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