How to return the value on which the condition is met for the first time

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I only want to return the left most value i.e., the value when the condition is met for the first time.enter image description here

In the images it shows 95% 96% etc etc I only care for the column 5 where the condition of 95 is met. The percentages are calculated this way.

ROUND( RUNNING_SUM( SUM( [days_to_close_cnt] ) )/ SUM([newo_dt_cnt]),2 )

Using and the "Days to Close" gives me the column information.

The Line graph looks like this:

enter image description here

if [% Completed] >= .98  and  [% Completed] < 1 then INT( 98 )
elseif [% Completed] = 1  then INT(  1 )
elseif  [% Completed] >= .95  and [% Completed] < .98 then INT( 95 )
elseif  [% Completed] < .95 and [% Completed] >= .0 then INT(  0 )

I am using the above calculation to color in this case. enter image description here

Aug 10, 2018 in Tableau by AwesomeSauce
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It looks like you are trying to tell when a running total crosses a threshold. In Tableau, doing that requires table calculations which operate on the aggregated values that have been returned from the data source.

I put together an example to illustrate how to approach this issue. Here's a static snapshot of my example:static snapshot

You can define a boolean calculated field to tell whether the running total meets the threshold on a particular day and then use window_min() to calculate the first day that meets the threshold.

Table calculations are powerful, but are also the feature in Tableau that takes the most time to get your head around. So break things down and tackle them in small bites instead of trying to write complex table calculations all at once. Be aware that specifying the partitioning and addressing fields (i.e., compute using) for a table calculation is as important as writing the formula.

Also you can rewrite your Calculated field as below:

if [% Completed] < .95 then 0
elseif [% Completed] < .98 then 95
elseif [% Completed] < 1 then 98
else 1

I hope this helps!
answered Aug 14, 2018 by Naruto
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