How to refresh the extracted data source automatically in Tableau Desktop

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I'm using Tableau Desktop 8.0 to create a visualization (.twbx file) by extracting the data from MySQL database. But this database is updated on weekly basis. That is, at the beginning of every week the data in the database changes. So is it possible for me to schedule a task of refreshing the extracted data source automatically at specific interval of time(i.e. on weekly basis in my case) so that, at beginning of every week the data source should be refreshed according to the new updates in database and the report should reflect results accordingly. Can this be scheduled through Tableau Desktop automatically? The very fact that it can easily be done on Tableau Server is known to me. But I cannot afford for a Server so trying to get an answer if the same is possible with Tableau Desktop edition.

Aug 10, 2018 in Tableau by AwesomeSauce
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Hi AwesomeSauce,

This comes up every so often! 

Tableau want you to purchase Tableau Server, with Server this is super easy!

Without Server: this discussion covers it will

Re: Automatically refresh data extract with Tableau Desktop

and links to this

Automation of routine activities

another discussion

Auto refresh of extracts - Tableau Desktop

and another

Is there a way to refresh the extract and the twbx in an automatic way without server?

There are many ways of doing it, but nothing 100%, they are all workarounds for Tableau Server.

Best of luck!

answered Aug 14, 2018 by Naruto
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