Top 10 sci-fi movies that might come true

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Ever wondered if we lived in a world portrayed in Jurrasic World or The Martian?

This video lists top 10 science fiction movies that will soon become a reality

Few movies that I think have a scope would be Jurrasic world, The Martian and The Island.

If you guys think other movie concepts have the scope of becoming a reality, please answer away!!!

Aug 29, 2018 in Events & Trending Topics by Kalgi
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We keep hearing about AI so much. AI being one of the most trending technologies, concepts in movies like Terminator, Transcendence, Ex-Machine have a good chance of becoming reality.
answered Aug 29, 2018 by Omkar
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I'd fancy something like Limitless. Watta life it would be, if a pill could just enhance us and....BOOM!

answered Aug 29, 2018 by Vardhan
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