i want to create a dataframe everytime i am gonna parse a xml file my expectation is all AIN MFN and REG should come d contain all of themfrom that file but it is returning a dataframe with one row

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from xml.dom import minidom
import pandas as pd
mydoc = minidom.parse(path)
item1 = mydoc.getElementsByTagName("AIN")

columns = ["AIN", "REG", "MFN"]

datatframe = pd.DataFrame(columns = columns)

for elem1,elem2,elem3 in zip(item1,item2,item3):

    AIN =  elem1.firstChild.data

    REG = elem2.firstChild.data

    MFN = elem3.firstChild.data

    dataframe = datatframe.append(pd.Series([AIN, REG, MFN], index = columns), ignore_index = True)
Feb 24, 2020 in Python by Rakesh
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