Important AWS Architect Interview Questions for aspiring AWS learners

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Folks, Cloud computing and server administration roles are massively trending these days. For those of you appearing for a job interview, this link will be of good use:

If anyone was asked a question not covered in this blog, please share the questions below. I'll get it added to the blog so that interviewees can use it in the future.

Jul 26, 2018 in Career Counselling by Vardhan
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Hello everyone here is an updated blog for AWS Architect Interview Questions. Your last minute sheet to brush up most frequently asked Interview Question.

Refer the Blog "Top AWS Architect Interview Questions".

All the best to everyone.

answered Jan 17, 2019 by Edureka
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Hi sir... I was asked in the interview to explain the relation between instance and AMI. I did not know the answer then, I could not find the answer later too. Can you please answer this question?
answered Jul 30, 2018 by Vignesh
Hey @Vignesh, this is a very nice and important question and mostly people get confused in this.
Basically, An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a template that contains a software configuration (for example, an operating system, an application server, and applications). From an AMI, you launch an instance, which is a copy of the AMI running as a virtual server in the cloud. You can launch different types of instances from a single AMI.
An instance type essentially determines the hardware of the host computer used for your instance. Each instance type offers different compute and memory capabilities. Select an instance type based on the amount of memory and computing power that you need for the application or software that you plan to run on the instance.
Hope this would be sufficient.
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Great initiative @Vardhan the blog contains almost all kinds of question but this again is a very general question asked. 

What is a Serverless application in AWS?

The AWS Serverless Application Repository enables you to quickly deploy code samples, components, and complete applications for common use cases such as web and mobile back-ends, event and data processing, logging, monitoring, IoT, and more. Each application is packaged with an AWS Serverless Application Model(SAM) template that defines the AWS resources used. Publicly shared applications also include a link to the application’s source code. There is no additional charge to use the Serverless Application Repository - you only pay for the AWS resources used in the applications you deploy. You can also use the Serverless Application Repository to publish your own applications and share them within your team, across your organization, or with the community at large. Again, the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) extends AWS CloudFormation to provide a simplified way of defining the Amazon API Gateway APIs, AWS Lambda functions, and Amazon DynamoDB tables needed by your serverless application.

Hope this helps everyone!

answered Jul 30, 2018 by Priyaj
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I dont know whether my question will be asked in the interview or not but I am asking this because this is my personal doubt..

Are there any restrictions on running more than one DB instance for Amazon RDS free?
answered Jul 30, 2018 by Sonal
Hey @Sonal, Yes forsure you can create more than one DB instance on AWS free-tier. Let me guide you through this. First of all you must know as what is a DB instance?

A DB instance is an isolated database environment running in the cloud. It is the basic building block of Amazon RDS. A DB instance can contain multiple user-created databases, and can be accessed using the same client tools and applications you might use to access a standalone database instance. DB instances are simple to create and modify with the Amazon AWS command line tools, Amazon RDS API actions, or the AWS Management Console.
Getting back to your question now!!
Yes. You can run more than one Single-AZ Micro database instance, that too for free! However, any use exceeding 750 instance hours, across all Amazon RDS Single-AZ Micro DB instances, across all eligible database engines and regions, will be billed at standard Amazon RDS prices. For example: if you run two Single-AZ Micro DB instances for 400 hours each in a single month, you will accumulate 800 instance hours of usage, of which 750 hours will be free. You will be billed for the remaining 50 hours at the standard Amazon RDS price.
Hope this helps.
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Hello everyone, If in any interview I am asked as to 

Explain how the buffer is used in Amazon web services?
How am I supposed to answer this?

answered Jul 30, 2018 by bug_seeker
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Hello @bug_seeker
Talking about the buffer get its meaning first. You can say that buffer over here is in its literal way. Now we can define that as In order to make system more efficient against the burst of traffic or load, buffer is used. It synchronizes different component . The component always receives and processes the request in an unbalanced way.  The balance between different components are managed by buffer, and makes them work at the same speed to provide faster services.
Hope this helps you!
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The blog was really helpful but i had this one question don't know as is it really important or not? But I am pretty sure that most people would get confused if asked to explain this!

Differentiate between stopping and terminating an instance.

answered Jul 30, 2018 by brat_1
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Hello @brat_1 Yes you are true if asked to explain it individually then most of the people would get confused. It is not that important to be asked in an interview but you never know!
Let me tell you the difference,

When an instance is stopped, the instance performs a normal shutdown and then transitions to a stopped state.

When an instance is terminated, the instance performs a normal shutdown, then the attached Amazon EBS volumes are deleted unless the volume’s deleteOnTermination attribute is set to false.
Hope this helps!

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