How can I remove a port from url for node app using nginx

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My front end is divided in two parts. Part of it is on react and the other is an angular app. Both are using node/express app on port 3000. I use express-static feature on browser to dynamically handle UI to render react or angular on server.js.

I required it to run using (which I handled using "nginx proxy"). But now it's accessible using both and I want it to be accessed only using https;// without the port.

The server's api can be accessed from the places(

1) ios app 
2) admin app (running differently)
3) and UI(Reactjs+angularjs)  (

Note- We have tried creating a separate node server for UI but that approach will cost us more. Is there any other way to achive this.

Apr 10, 2018 in DevOps on Cloud by Damon Salvatore
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If you run your node server on, it becomes accessible globally.

Change yours listening port from:



app.listen(3000, '');

You can also block this port in IPTables as well.

answered Apr 10, 2018 by ajs3033
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