talend send multiplate attachements to multi emails TsendMail

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hi , i am new to talend . i found a way to read emails from DB and save them to excel file than send to each one of them a seperate email having 1 file as attachement , by using tFlowToIterate on the excel file i could each time send email to one adress of them . but now when i try to iterate on tFileList and extract files in each email iteration i found out that it sends multiple emails to the first email only and having 1 file each time which the first file . so the iteration values in tSendMail is not correctly passed after i added the second iteration . but  the LOG is showing that the iteration goes correctly without any confusion . the problem happens only in the tSendMail . 

please find below the screen shot having my problem .

SENARIO TO ACHIEVE :  2 email 2 diff files : i want to send 1 email to adress1 having 2 files and then 1 other email to adress2 havnig same 2 files 


Dec 2, 2020 in Talend by aminegac
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Hi, @Aminegac,

Regarding your query, you can have a look at these two 



I hope this will be helpful!!!

Hello , thank you for the reply . I already checked those web sites to learn how to use the  tSendMail component but i am now doing even more advanced senarios than the shown by talend guide , because in talend guide all you can find is very basic things , they hide the complex senarios .

So my issue here is maybe with the double iteration that i am doing  that is why the tSendMail does not get the current values  but only the first value


First, you try to send one iteration and check you facing the same problem or not! If not then we need to figure out what can be done next!!

hello again , as i mentioned before when i send 1 iteration only for exemple i only loop through email ; the sendMail works fine and sends emails seperately up to the number of emails it iterated on . 
here what is happening :
i successfully looped through excel file lines,i successfully looped through files "paths" in a folder, but when i loop through both at the same time it never change current value it only pass first values for both loops. 

 what did you mean by sending 1 iteration ? means i remove all iteration components and send 1 static email request to sendMail component or i use iterateFLow and make the excel file have only 1 email adress in it ? or is it possible to use iteration components but limit its itirations to 1 max and after 1 donc the iteration quit the job ? 

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