Can anyone have a zoom session with me to solve the query

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Hi All,

Error is showing up. Unable to launch selenium webdriver after updating eclipse. Can anyone have zoom session?
Oct 31, 2020 in Ask us Anything! by faha
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Hey, have you tried using some workarounds for the error you are getting?
@ Sirajul,

Tried many workarounds but couldn't find the solution for this error.

Do u know why this problem is coming up and how to fix it?

You can try the following:

  1. Exit Eclipse
  2. Go to your workspace folder in the file explorer
  3. Look for the .metadata folder and delete it
  4. Re-open Eclipse

Hope it works.

I tried removing the metadata files.

Installed the new drivers but again same issue with the project name selenium webdriver, so I created new project name. Something call compliance issue was showing up

Hi, @Faha,

Use this procedure to set the JDK compliance level. The right compiler’s JDK compliance level in Eclipse is set by default on the projects created by the M3 Adaptation Kit (MAK) and normally should not be changed.

To set the JDK compliance level

  1. Start Eclipse.

  2. Select Window > Preferences. The Preferences window is displayed.

  3. Expand the node for Java.

  4. Select Compiler. The properties for Compiler are displayed.

  5. Click Configure Project Settings. The Project Specific Configuration window is displayed.

  6. Select a Java component project to configure in the list then click OK.

  7. Select the option to Enable project-specific settings. All the other options are enabled.

  8. In the Compiler compliance level field, select the correct level. For more information about the correct version, see System Requirements in the M3 Adaptation Kit Installation Guide.

  9. Select the option to Use default compliance settings.

  10. Click Apply then click OK to apply the changes.

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We can't connect in the zoom meeting. This community is open to all. We need to exchange our thoughts, ideas, problems here. So that it will be helpful to everyone. Share your use case and steps that you are trying to do. So that we can help you.

answered Nov 2, 2020 by MD
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What does this error means, When I try to run through TestNG

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Hey, @Faha,

As MD mentioned that connecting via zoom cal won't be possible keeping the mindset of the community, I suggest you post your queries here so that we can help you to resolve ASAP!!!

Moreover, regarding your above-mentioned query I guess you need to update the environment as given below:

Please update the Environment variable by adding the Python Directory path & site-packages path.And retry : C:\Python27\Scripts;C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages;

answered Nov 2, 2020 by Gitika
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