Suggest me a good course

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I have worked has mobile application testing enginering  for 9 years ,So i want to learn new tool or new program .

I studied degree back ground .So i want learn soon and i want to change a company .

So please suggest me,which one to learn to get job soon and good future for my life.

So i dont have any idea program and any other tool .

So please suggest me good course for new carrer.

Waiting for ur reply.


May 5 in Ask us Anything! by Venkat
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Hi, @Venkat,

As per your description, I can see you have worked on a domain for a really long time. So, I would suggest you be in your domain and apply for Application Security Architect-Mobile this kind of domain where you have to know the listed below things:

  • Hands-on expertise on performing Application pen-testing (Mobile(Android, IOS), networking, web application pen testing),
  • You should work on IoT, AWS, Application Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering, source code review, CI/CD Pipeline
  • You have to do any submission on the Bug crowd or Bug Bounty.
  • You have to develop tools or scripts for a web pen-test on GitHub.
answered May 13 by Gitika
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