S3 Static Website Hosting Route All Paths to Index html

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Okay I have an S3 storage service which I use to host a javascript application that will use HTML5 pushStates. But if the user bookmarks these URLs, it will not resolve to anything. Can we take all url requests and serve up the root index.html in S3 bucket, without doing a full re direct. Then my javascript application could parse the URL and serve the proper page.

Can we make S3 serve the index.html for all URL requests instead of doing redirect?

Apr 8, 2018 in AWS by hemant
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Yes there is an easy way to deal with your issue. In your bucket properties in the Error Document just use the same file as the Index Document.

You may use JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS etc, these frameworks will help you support page refresh completely.

answered Apr 8, 2018 by code_ninja
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