What should I prepare for an I T Project Team Leader interview

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There's a call for an interview for an I.T Project Team Leader position. One thing for sure is that I would compete with people who have years of experience managing projects.

So I would like to know the skills, knowledge, and expertise I need to show. In addition, How can I give them the confidence that I would be able to meet the role's expectation and deliver the work necessary to meet the goal of the project.

All help is welcome. thank you all.....!
Aug 13, 2020 in PMP by anonymous
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While organizations may use job titles differently, usually team leaders and project managers are different roles.

The Team Leader is usually an SME that manages a group of people from his own line of work either at the organizational or at the activity (project) level.

I suspect the IT Project Team Leader is not a project management role but a lead SME role. I think you need to clarify this before going to the interview.

In some projects, the lead SME is also responsible for performing the project management duties and in such cases, he can be called Project Team Leader even if he acts also as a PM.

For a "pure" Project Manager that is not also an SME the title Project Team Leader is rarely being used.
answered Aug 13, 2020 by Andrew

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