I am working on a Project If the Project Manager here is inexpert What should be the way forward of getting the project being derailed Expert Guidance Please

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I am working as a Project Controls Manager in Construction Industry.

What do we do if I along with my teammates find that the Project Manager is an Inexpert of the matters.

Any suggestions on the way forward to avoid the project being derailed?
Aug 6, 2020 in PMP by anonymous
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I see 2 options available in this kind of situations

1) Have a meeting with the Project Manager who is not performing well and let him know of the areas where he needs to improve on. Together find a way to keep track of his performance in order to avoid him derailing the project again. I suggest a daily standup call with him.

2) If you cannot improve a bad gear in the system you will have to replace it. If the PM does not seem to improve find a better Project Manager.

Hope this helps,

answered Aug 6, 2020 by Daniel

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