What strategy should be followed by a Project Manager being assigned on a Project which is ongoing

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I have been assigned a Project for an application which is already ongoing which is somewhere in the requirement gathering stage.

What documentation should I ask from the organisation in order to take it forward. What should be my strategy?
Aug 5, 2020 in PMP by anonymous
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The first thing I would do is gather, read, and analyze all information that is available, written, or verbal (talk to people!).

And for this,  I would start with the org chart. It should show you, key stakeholders, to consider (and talk to). I would put effort to understand the environment (your project as part of the total picture) to understand your level of freedom.

Next, I would find out whether it has a set approach, or should you adapt your project methodology? For Software applications and requirements, agile concepts might be appropriate.

 Good luck!
answered Aug 5, 2020 by Thomas

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