If I m good at Cyber Security what role do I play in Cloud industry

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What will be roles there?

What job will I get there ?

What will be my importance?

What companies will hire me? (IN INDIA)

And what will my salary as a fresher?

(Specifically for AWS)
Aug 4, 2020 in Career Counselling by Md Safwathullah
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It is very hard to get a job for this kind of role as a fresher. But nowadays various companies are also hiring freshers for this kind of job role. I think every company is using Cloud services for some purpose. In your case, you will get some advantages as you know cyber-security.  AWS has its premium certification for cyber-security. If you decided to go for a cloud job, then I suggest you look into the cyber security certificationI have attached the link below. You can check once.


answered Aug 4, 2020 by MD
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Thanks alot!!!
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Hi, @Md Safwathullah,

As you mentioned that you are good at cybersecurity, I will try to show you a big picture view of the top 10 security concerns for cloud-based services you should be aware of. 

Data Breaches

 Hijacking of Accounts

 Malware Injection

Insecure APIs

As per job role you can opt for a cloud security engineer where the Cloud Security Engineer provides cybersecurity expertise in the analysis, assessment, development, and evaluation of security solutions and architectures to secure applications, operating systems, databases, and networks.

AWS is the best choice for you to start your career as a fresher. All the AWS Certification Training is best to begin your learning. You can upskill you career into the Cloud Computing domain for freshers.

answered Aug 5, 2020 by Reshma
Lot helpful


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