What are the best Devops online training programs

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I am planning to build a career in the DevOps domain for this I want to get certification in DevOps with online course or training. Can somebody suggest a few best DevOps online training programs?
May 22, 2020 in Career Counselling by Karan
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There are many online DevOps training programs offered by many institutes like Edureka, Udemy, Intellipath, etc

  • Edureka DevOps Course (Experienced professional, provides demos, good quality course material, also provides 24*7 support for any queries)

  • Udemy DevOps course (Udemy provides only recorded videos, not realtime online training by the instructor.)

  • Intellipath DevOps Training (the customer reviews of Intellipath is not good, so its ur personal choice to go with it or not)

Personally, I found Edureka's DevOps Online training course to be the best as I got to learn about popular DevOps tools like  Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, and Nagios.  

Edureka's DevOps training is a hands-on wherein you will be exposed to real-time scenarios in the software development process which are not covered by other course providers.

Edureka provides a good list of Tutorial videos. I would recommend you to go through this tutorial video playlist as well as blog series.

You can check out the curriculum shown below:

Hope this helps!

answered May 22, 2020 by Sirajul
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