Can someone tell me how to solve the Hyperledger playground installation issue?

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I run this command

    cd ~/fabric-dev-servers
    export FABRIC_VERSION=hlfv11

I got this issue

Successfully created business network card file to
    Output file: /tmp/PeerAdmin@hlfv1.card

Command succeeded

Error: Card already exists: PeerAdmin@hlfv1
Command failed

Error: Unable to read required file: metadata.json
Command failed

Hyperledger Composer PeerAdmin card has been imported, host of fabric specified as 'localhost'

May 9 in Blockchain by anonymous
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Hey, @Ratul,

I would suggest using this command to check if the folder exists ls ~/.composer and if it does, then rm -rf ~/.composer to remove it and all its contents. Now, create a new empty folder mkdir ~/.composer and rerun the script to create the Peer Admin card from the fabric-tools folder.
answered May 13 by Gitika
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