Can someone tell me how to solve the Hyperledger playground installation issue

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I run this command

    cd ~/fabric-dev-servers
    export FABRIC_VERSION=hlfv11

I got this issue

Successfully created business network card file to
    Output file: /tmp/PeerAdmin@hlfv1.card

Command succeeded

Error: Card already exists: PeerAdmin@hlfv1
Command failed

Error: Unable to read required file: metadata.json
Command failed

Hyperledger Composer PeerAdmin card has been imported, host of fabric specified as 'localhost'

May 5, 2020 in Blockchain by anonymous
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Hi, @Ratul,

You can do one thing:

You can run the composer card list to verify that you have the PeerAdmin card.

Check do you have the access to create the folder ~/.composer.

You can check using this command to if the folder exists ls ~/.composer and if it does, then rm -rf ~/.composer to remove it and all its contents. Now create a new empty folder mkdir ~/.composer and rerun the script to create the Peer Admin card from the fabric-tools folder.

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I used those commands but the couldn't work
 docker kill $(docker ps -q)
 docker rm $(docker ps -aq)
 docker rmi $(docker images dev-* -q)
answered May 5, 2020 by Ratul
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Hey, @Ratul,

Could you please tell me what version of Composer are you running? It will be helpful for me to investigate further.
Composer v0.20.9

Thank You
I tried to create the folder but didn't work

ratul@ratul-Lenovo-ideapad-320-14ISK:~$ mkdir ~/.composer
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/ratul/.composer’: File exists

Hi, @Ratul,

By default, file management tools, such as ls, dir, or even the graphical file manager, don't show hidden files or directories (those where the name begins with a dot, e.g. .ipython). This is why mkdir is telling you that it already exists, even though you cannot see it by using ls or the file manager.

To see hidden files, you can use ls -a (From the ls manpage : "-a, --all do not ignore entries starting with ."), or, in the graphical file manager (nautilus), press Ctrl + H to show hidden files and directories.

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