How Can I scrape the phone number from just dial website

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I am scraping the phone number from just dial but it shows phone number as a blank and I am using Data Scraping. The URL is below:

Mar 17 in RPA by Asheesh
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Could you provide the code that you have used for data scraping? Are there any errors that you are getting?

This blog might help you, check this out

No, Don't get any error. All data like Store Name, Address are visible but the phone number area is blank. Please see screenshots: 


Try to use Get Text or Get attribute activity to get the contact number
From Get Text or Get attribute, how can I find all the phones numbers and other details like Store Name and Address

Hey, @Asheesh,

You can go through this:, I hope this will help you.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I did the same and follow these steps and get Store Name, Address, Category..etc. but not be able to get or fetch phone numbers. Please check the screenshots,

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