Can I configure my virtual machine as slave in Jenkins

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Can I configure my VM as a slave in Jenkins? My host machine will be master and my VM machine will be the slave machine. Is this possible?
Feb 4, 2020 in DevOps Tools by anonymous
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You can certainly use a virtual machine as a Jenkins slave.

All you need to do is set up a VM (OS based on your requirement) to automatically start a service that runs a script to start Jenkins slave.

So if your host is a windows machine which is the Jenkins master, the VM could be used as a slave machine.
answered Feb 4, 2020 by anonymous
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The first step is the VirtualBox cloud configuration:

  1. Configure the VirtualBox server, that allows to remotely manage VMs, and start it.

    VBoxManage setproperty websrvauthlibrary null

  2. Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Cloud -> Add a new cloud -> VirtualBox
  3. Set Name, URL, Username and Password
  4. Test connection

    If it doesn't work, then you can try to disable authentication library by executing following command on VirtualBox host:
    VBoxManage setproperty websrvauthlibrary null

    If you got this error:

    Runtime modeler error: Wrapper class org.virtualbox_3_1.IWebsessionManagerLogon is not found. Have you run APT to generate them?

    Then you should upgrade Java (probably it is a bug in jax-ws). Also note that plugin was tested on Java 1.6.0_19.

VirtualBox slave

Now you can setup your nodes in Jenkins and use them to build your projects:

  1. Add Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes -> New Node
  2. Set Node name for VirtualBox Slave
  3. Select VirtualBox Host, Virtual Machine Name and Virtual Machine Type
Hope this will help
Best Regards
answered Aug 26, 2020 by Pistle
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This is really helpful. It helped me to configure my virtual machine as a Jenkins slave.

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