Can Jenkins detect and build new tags from Git repository?

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Is it possible for Jenkins to detect and build new tags from Github repository? This should automatically be done as soon as new tags are created. Is this possible?
Jun 24 in DevOps Tools by Arvind
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Yes, this can be done in 3 steps as follows:

1. Click on the advanced tab below the line where you specify your repository URL. Here enter the Refspec +refs/tags/*:refs/remotes/origin/tags/*

2. Now use build all tag "branches" with the Branch Specifier */tags/*

3. Now enable SCM polling so that your jenkins job is able to detect new tags that are created.

I think this should solve your problem.
answered Jun 24 by Neel
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If you want to configure a job just to build tags, do the following:

Configure Bitbucket Server: 

Make sure  Advanced Configuration > Branch Options > Build All is selected. This will skip the whitelist and blacklist checks so that all new commits and tags send the required Jenkins notification.

Set up a Jenkins Job for Tags:

In the job set refspec to +refs/tags/*:refs/remotes/origin/tags/*. Set the branch specifier to **/tags/**. This will configure the job so it only responds to new tags.

answered Aug 5 by Sirajul
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