What are the real time challenges faced while working with git jenkins docker and ansible in your project

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Can anyone please provide an answer for each one of the mentioned tools with an example explaining for 2 years experience profile? As I am a beginner in DevOps, don't know how to answer these types of questions since it is repeatedly asked by interviewers.
Oct 26, 2020 in DevOps Tools by Shashi
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It depends on your use case. How you are using the tools, it depends on that. It is not like that some challenges are fixed. When we work on a real project, then we may face some problems. Then we try to find a solution on how to solve the issue. For example, in automation, we can perform a task in a simple Jenkins job. But in some use cases, we need to use Pipeline. Companies always prefer those students who know how and when to use a tool for a real use case.

answered Oct 27, 2020 by MD
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