Error 500 mychannel has been migrated to new lifecycle Chaincode instantiation error

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Hello, I am following a tutorial posted on the Hyperledger Fabric site called: "commercial-paper". I have encountered a problem while instantiating chaincode on the channel.  Please have a look at the screenshots below.

Here is the screenshot of the actual error:

Error: could not assemble transaction, err proposal response was not successful, error code 500, msg Channel 'mychannel' has been migrated to the new lifecycle, LSCC is now read-only. 

And here is the screenshot of the logs of peer and orderer of the network:

Your help will be appreciated, thank you.

If someone has successfully deployed a working commercial-paper network (PaperNet as in the example), please share your steps or guide me in this situation. 

Jan 9, 2020 in Blockchain by Aditya
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This question can be marked solved and closed, thank you.

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This error occured only because I had version differences. My docker images were of v2.0.0-beta and the tutorial chaincode (lifecycle?) and components expect us to have v1.4.4 docker images pulled.

This "lifecycle" message, if searched on the official documentation of Fabric will guide you to the "Upgrading to v2.0" page. They have certain channel capabilities and would want you to set them up before you instantiate chaincode - particularly in v2.0 of Fabric. 

I came to this conclusion looking at this GitLab code change:

ac.Capabilities().LifecycleV20() => Indicate capability check for a Lifecycle v2.0 module. 
Of course, you could always wipe out everything and start from a LTS - v1.4.4 version (since v2.0.0-beta is by its name, a beta release) ;)

answered Jan 9, 2020 by Aditya
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selected Jan 10, 2020 by Kalgi
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Hi @Aditya, there are two possible problems that I can think of.

1. Maybe you do not have the required permissions to the mychannel file so please check those

2. Or your permissions for the previous lifecycle and the current one, might not be aligned.
answered Jan 9, 2020 by Kalgi
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Thank you for time, Kalgi. I have yet to learn about the chaincode lifecycle but I eventually managed to deploy the tutorial with the v1.4.4 docker images.
Glad to help @Aditya.

All the best.

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Error 500 during instantiation of chaincode for commercial-paper example.

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Jan 9, 2020 in Blockchain by Aditya
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