Error 500 during instantiation of chaincode for commercial-paper example. [closed]

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I am following this tutorial on setting up an example network on Fabric: 

I have been successfully able to cover the tutorial until the chaincode instantiation step. I have been able t install chaincode successfully after fe tries but instatiating chaincode is just not working. I looked on google but I could not find anything apart from a GitLab page which showed the error message in their go code.

Here's the error message screenshot which also shows the directory location:

Here's the peer and orderer log messages when I exec the chaincode instantiation command:

Please help me out in this if someone has successfully been able to cover this tutorial.  

I'll mention the error seperately if it allows me to help anyone else stuck with this.

Error: could not assemble transaction, err proposal response was not successful, error code 500, msg Channel 'mychannel' has been migrated to the new lifecycle, LSCC is now read-only

Jan 8 in Blockchain by Aditya
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