I’m struggling with the uncertainty of whether I chose the right framework for python application... How to choose the right framework?

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I use Django as my GUI framework of choice, but I see a lot of devs using Flask and web2py and many more... I’m struggling with the uncertainty of whether I chose the right framework for python application. How to chose the right framework?
Sep 6 in Career Counselling by rajeev
Even I had a similar doubt. I want to get a job at Facebook. Which framework should I go for?
@Hatim, I am not sure about facebook, but facebook-owned Instagram uses Django for its web app development. Django is used by most of the famous websites like disqus, netflix, instagram, bitbucket etc. So it is mostly recommended for large-scale projects. While Flask is good for beginners as its quite easy to learn and can be used to create even enterprise level apps.

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Ideally, your company would provide you the framework to be used in the training session. The same framework is used for creating an application for different requirements or other frameworks as per need.

Otherwise, if you are free to use any, first note the type of application. Then note down the various frameworks for the same type. Note its usage, editor, GUI, run options, debugging, other options, etc. Now you have the final set of frameworks for the application that you require. It's your wish to pick any framework as required. You can also ask seniors at work or team members.
answered Sep 9 by nithin
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Choosing the right framework primarily depends on the requirements that you have.Different applications have different requirements and its best that you select the framework for your application based on your application requirements and ease of usage.
answered Sep 9 by Sirajul
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