Is there any jobs for python with the combination of basic aws

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I have learned python. And i know basic concepts of AWS. Is this stuff enough to get job on python? Please suggest
Feb 9, 2019 in Career Counselling by syam

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Hello @Syam, you can go for the job of AWS Devops Engineer. There are multiple openings for this job.

Following are the skill sets for the required job:-

1+ years of experience in ITOps and DevOps

1+ years proven experience in Google cloud or AWS

  1. Experience in scripting using one or more languages (Python, Shell, Bash)
  2. Solid understanding of Unix system internals.
  3. Solid understanding of Cloud networking concepts.
  4. Experience in systems monitoring design and implementation.
  5. Experience in protection of production system from external and internal threats.

You should be able to prove your skills in Python and the basic fundamentals of AWS such as EC2, VPC, DynamoDB, RDS and basic programming skills.

Hope this helps!

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answered Feb 11, 2019 by Priyaj
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Hi Syam, you can look for any AWS DevOps Engineer job or Data Scientist job. There are many other open-source Cloud solution architect jobs which uses AWS for cloud storage and python for scripting.
answered Apr 6, 2019 by Reshma

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