Why is MongoDB associated with Node js

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Why do we use MongoDB along with Node.js?
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Node.js is an open source server environment which uses JavaScript on the server to develop backend applications

Let us have a look at client server architecture :

  • Frontend section handles user interaction, Any  customer can visualise only frontend part of application via web browsers
  •  Database plays role of storage unit (of the application). All the  application data is collected in this database
  • Accepting the request from frontend server, searching the data from database and sending back the response to client’s browser is done by backend application.

 database management systems (DBMS) are of two types: Relational and NoSQL DBMS

Relational DBMS handles the databases that store data in a structured format with the help of (tables) rows and columns

NoSQL DBMS handles the database that stores unstructured data in forms of collections and documents

The most commonly used SQL DBMS is MySQL and NoSQL DBMS is MongoDB

As your concern is MongoDB so let me focus only on MongoDB

 Usually people prefer mongoDB for following reasons:

  • NoSQL Database Management Systems are more flexible than RDBMS
  • The expense of maintaining and even setting up a RDBMS is relatively high
  • MongoDB is an open source database management system (DBMS) that uses a document-oriented database model which supports various forms of data
  • It holds a set of collections and stores data as document
  • Can handle variety of data and huge amount of data
  • It offers a MongoDB Node.js Driver which provides a JavaScript API and implements the network protocol required to read and write from a local or remote MongoDB database
  • All you have to do is install NPM -mongodb package in your Application Code

Major Customers using MongoDB are:

I hope this helps you, Happy Learning:)

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