How to communicate gRPC example working with Node.js?

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Hi Guys,

I am working as a Node.js developer. I am trying to understand how to communicate with a gRPC server. It seems I have to load any .proto files you provided and load protoDescriptor to work with the client. 

Actually, with the example below am not able to load proto files because proto-loader mess up with Google APIs importing.

var PROTO_PATH = __dirname + '/../protos/';

var grpc = require('grpc');
var protoLoader = require('@grpc/proto-loader');
var packageDefinition = protoLoader.loadSync(PROTO_PATH + 'internal.proto');

//{keepCase: true,
// longs: String,
// enums: String,
// defaults: true,
// oneofs: true
var protoDescriptor =  grpc.loadPackageDefinition(packageDefinition);
// The protoDescriptor object has the full package hierarchy
var api_proto = protoDescriptor.api;


function main() {
var client = new api_proto.InternalService('',
var body = JSON.stringify({ username: "admin", password: "password" })

client.Login({}, function(err, response) {
console.log('loginresponse:', response.message);


Would be great if you can provide an example that can work with Lora-app-server gRPC.

Thanks & Regards

Dec 5, 2018 in Others by camillelola
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