Kubernetes: Daemon Sets

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What is a Daemon set? could somebody explain?
Jul 17 in Kubernetes by Liana

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A DaemonSet is a set of pods that is run only once on a host. 

It's used for host-layer features, for instance a network, host monitoring or storage plugin or other things which you would never want to run more than once on a host.

DaemonSet ensures that all (or some) Nodes run a copy of a Pod. As nodes are added to the cluster, Pods are added to them. As nodes are removed from the cluster, those Pods are garbage collected. Deleting a DaemonSet will clean up the Pods it created.

Some typical uses of a DaemonSet are:

  • running a cluster storage daemon, such as glusterd, ceph, on each node.

  • running a logs collection daemon on every node, such as fluentd or logstash.

  • running a node monitoring daemon on every node.

    For a better understanding on how to create a Demonset spec you could refer to: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/daemonset/

answered Jul 17 by Sirajul
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