Stateful Sets in Kubernetes

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Could somebody please explain what is ststeful sets in Kubernetes and what's the process for creating one?
Jul 15 in Kubernetes by Namik
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During regular deployment process, all the instances of a pod are identical,and these stateless applications can be easily scaled up and down. 

In a PetSet, each pod is unique and is been assigned with unique identifier that needs to be maintained. This is technique is generally used for more stateful applications.

Example creating Stateful Set:

Use the following command to get to start the creation of this StatefulSet

$ kubectl create -f abc-statefulset.yaml 

Use get subcommand to see stateful sets:

$ kubectl get statefulsets
$ kubectl get pods

Get the volumes the set has created and claim for each pod :

$ kubectl get pv
answered Jul 15 by Sirajul
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