What is the difference between Python and Jython?

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What is the difference between Python and Jython?
May 10 in Career Counselling by Dheeraj

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Hey Dheeraj, following are the differences between Python and Jython:

  • Reference implementation of Python, called CPython, is written in C language. Jython on the other hand is completely written in Java and is a JVM implementation.

  • Standard Python is available on multiple platforms. Jython is available for any platform with a JVM installed on it.

  • Standard Python code compiles to a .pyc file, while Jython program compiles to a .class file.

  • Python extensions can be written in C language. Extensions for Jython are written in Java.

  • Jython is truly multi-threaded in nature. Python however uses the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) mechanism for the purpose.

  • Both implementations have different garbage collection mechanisms.

answered May 10 by Anvi
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