What is the difference between Python and Jython?

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What is the difference between Python and Jython?
May 10 in Career Counselling by Dheeraj
There's no meaning of this question as Jython is derived from Python only and is written in Python only. It is different from Python only in execution as it is executed on JVm and the file name of jython is .class file.

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Hey Dheeraj, following are the differences between Python and Jython:

  • Reference implementation of Python, called CPython, is written in C language. Jython on the other hand is completely written in Java and is a JVM implementation.

  • Standard Python is available on multiple platforms. Jython is available for any platform with a JVM installed on it.

  • Standard Python code compiles to a .pyc file, while Jython program compiles to a .class file.

  • Python extensions can be written in C language. Extensions for Jython are written in Java.

  • Jython is truly multi-threaded in nature. Python however uses the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) mechanism for the purpose.

  • Both implementations have different garbage collection mechanisms.

answered May 10 by Anvi
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