Pre-requisition for Data Analyst?

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Hi, As i am new to programming, I started learning python programming, I feel it's basic step to star to become Data Analyst. I have 5+ years of industry experience  but i choose Data Analytics since i have worked in different sector some how it will related. Learning some technologies like python, tableau etc. will help to step up my carrier in Data Analytics. My question is how difficult  programming language like python? and how to prepare to tackle or learn every day? any pre-requisition  required to learn python? How to practice every day? Related material, books and average how many hours i need to practice every day?

It may look simple!! but i am looking forward to get some suggestions or ideas to tackle this!!
Feb 27 in Ask us Anything! by Shashi
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Hello @Sashi, I think the basic idea of programming is enough to start with python. You are going to start it from scratch. 

Learning python is not at all tough. You can start off with basic videos on YouTube, read Blogs and also go for online courses from different institutes like Edureka, Udemy, and Coursera. You can also refer books and implement it. I think that hands-on will help you more. Once you start practicing, you will get better clarity on the topic. 

The best case scenario is enrolling yourself to some of the good courses online and start practicing. If you don't want to spend money, you can always refer YouTube and Blogs. 

Hope this helps you. All the best for your career.

answered Feb 27 by Priyaj
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@Prlyaj thank u for your kind response, Actually i started my online classes in edureka and i feel it's easy to learn and understand. Before start i done more research and i am start practicing.

Thank you for your suggestions!!
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Python is not very difficult to learn. It is easy and simple. My most favorite book for learning Python is "Learn Python the Hard Way". Please read this book. It is a very good book for beginners. It will teach you all the basics. After learning the basics, start practicing coding. There are many online websites where you can do this, such as codingbat, hackerrank, etc. This is enough to get you a good grip in Python programming.
answered Feb 28 by Mahesh
@Mahesh Thank u!! for your timely response, It will help me to get some grip in python.

Thank u!!

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