What is the different between xml and json?

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I have seen xml and json are standard for transfer data between multiple devices.
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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)-  A lightweight data-interchange format which is completely language independent. It is based on the JavaScript programming language and easy to generate.

A JSON file will look something like this:-


    { "firstName":"Priyaj", "lastName":"Kumar" },
    { "firstName":"Omkar", "lastName":"Hiremath" },
    { "firstName":"Kalgi", "lastName":"Shah" },


XML(Extensible Markup Language)- It is used to carry data and not display data. XML is a markup language that is used to define a set of rules for encoding the document in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable.

The XML file will look something like this:-

        <firstName>Priyaj</firstName> <lastName>Kumar</lastName> 
        <firstName>Omkar</firstName> <lastName>Hiremath</lastName> 
        <firstName>Kalgi</firstName> <lastName>Shah</lastName> 
answered Feb 7 by Priyaj
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ok fine. and thankyou
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These are the differences:

It is JavaScript Object Notation It is Extensible markup language
It is based on JavaScript language. It is derived from SGML.
It is a way of representing objects. It is a markup language and uses tag structure to represent data items.
It does not provides any support for namespaces. It supports namespaces.
It supports array. It doesn’t supports array.
Its files are very easy to read as compared to XML. Its documents are comparatively difficult to read and interpret.
It doesn’t use end tag. It has start and end tags.
It is less secured. It is more secured than JSON.
It doesn’t supports comments. It supports comments.
It supports only UTF-8 encoding. It supports various encoding.
answered Feb 7 by Junaid
Thank you @junaid, good explanation.

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