What is the difference between loadash and underscore

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I think that loadash can be used instead of underscore. Is it true? I would like to know more about the differences
Jun 21, 2019 in Others by Damon Salvatore
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Loadash makes iterating arrays, strings, and objects easy in JavaScript. It is basically the superset of the Underscore. As it has more features than that like AMD support, deep merge and where is has consistent API support than that.

And Loadash is preferred by most of them as it ensures compatibility with the latest version of the underscore

The most useful feature of it is shorthand

var char = [
  { 'name': 'john', 'age': 25, 'blocked': false },
  { 'name': 'sam',   'age': 45, 'blocked': true }

// "_.filter" shorthand
_.filter(char, { 'age': 45 });

// underscore
_.filter(char, function(char) { return char.age === 45; } );

answered Jun 21, 2019 by sunshine
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