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I have been working as a software tester in Accenture from the past 3 years. I have gotten good growth and promotions but I would really wish to switch my career path and get into technical content writing as I love writing and always wanted to become a blogger. Is it a dumb thing to do?
Jan 29 in Career Counselling by Nagya

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Hey @Nagya, your doubt made me laugh :D

Seems like you're doing really good at where you are but if you're not satisfied there no point of all the hard work. 

Lying on the bed at the age of 90
Life flashback playing like a movie in rewind
Wondering about all the could haves, should haves and what ifs
and regret rushing down the spine
So, follow your dreams, they say its never too late
Follow your gut as your heart knows the best for you
Maybe you'll be the next Steve jobs or Einstein
Or the world will know a new writer called Nagya

If technical content interests you, go for it. Start with writing blogs and maybe later you can even write a book.

All the best :)

answered Jan 29 by Kalgi
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Haha true that :)

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