Which is having bright future SAP Hana or RPA

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Scope for SAP is more than that of RPA. Though RPA is new and gaining recognition but still SAP will be on top.
@vardhan can you explain more details about this

@suresh, RPA is certainly new and trending compared to SAP Hana, but i feel there is a long way to go..

Below i've attached the snapshot of Google trends comparing RPA and SAP HANA. 

Its pretty evident that SAP Hana was always more popular, and it doesn't seem like that's going to change anytime soon.

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Hey @User, I think SAP will have a better future and better pay than RPA.

The future of SAP consultants is that they are going to be around for any foreseeable future so will beSAP as a solution provider. It is a global leader in ERP solutions. With over 77,000 employees and 13,300 partners, it has operations in more than 130 countries.

RPA career is a journey where enterprise RPA is maturing, its in nascent stages where everyone is seeing major gains and each team is jumping into developing its RPA team. So for RPA tool developer in general, its going to be a consolidation sometime sooner if not later. That’s a downside. Right now, though at least for a coming few years RPA tool developer is here to stay.

So from my point of view I think SAP will have better future scope than RPA.

answered Jan 14 by Disha Kumari
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According to me…..

There is no technology or tool which is inferior or superior. Both SAP & RPA has equal importance in market. Both are different.

Infact using RPA tools, SAP is being Automated that doesn't mean SAP is inferior. It means there are huge market already exists.

Gokul's answer to Which programming language and database is the most important?

Learn any tool or technology. But be the best….!

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answered Jan 14 by Suresh
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Who is Gokul?
Exactly! Who is gokul?
Thank you @Suresh, But still i think SAP will have a better future.
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Can you please elaborate more on what is the purpose for the question, so that depending on the domain or the requirement we can help you better.
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SAP Hana's Scope is more than RPA because RPA is new in market and gaining recognision, SAP is old but it is on the top and it will be on the top because there is so much demand for SAP Hana in market.
answered Apr 8 by Jaideep
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