What are the limitations of RPA

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What are the different limitations of RPA? Can someone explain in brief?
Jan 11, 2019 in RPA by Rishab
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There are many benefits that one can have from automation, but with all the benefits there are limitations also. These are the prominent limitations related to RPA.

  • RPA surely improves company efficiency by powering repetitive human effort, but there are limitations to the types of work that it can be applied to – especially ones that require judgment.
  • RPA is not a cognitive computing solution. It cannot learn from experience and therefore has a ‘shelf life’.
  • Implementing RPA to a broken and incompetent process will not fix it. RPA is not a Business Process Management solution and does not bring an end-to-end process view.
  • Enterprises need to be aware of various inputs coming from multiple sources.
  • It cannot read any data that is non-electronic with unstructured inputs.

Source:- GreensTechnology Blog

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answered Jan 11, 2019 by Kussu
Will agree to disagree with the comment. At time when comment was posted perhaps those were limitations. But today, RPA solutions exists to tackle the obstacles narrated above. Integrating with AI, can solve most of the issues highlighted.
Totally agree with you, @Krish Sarkar!
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Three tasks that you should never entrust basic RPA - 

1. Non-digital, unstructured data.

2. Data exceptions

3. Change Management 

Source - Datamatics Blog -> What basic RPA cannot do? – Three tasks that you should never entrust basic RPA​

answered Dec 17, 2020 by kiarap
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