What are the issues and limitations of using Native Citrix support for Citrix apps in UiPath studio?

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Mar 28 in RPA by Gauri

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Hello @Gauri, there are a few limitations of using Native Citrix support for Citrix apps in UiPath studio:

1. Interactive Selection Does Not Work With High DPI: Interactive selection does not work for Citrix Apps when the display DPI scaling is higher than 100%.

2. Upgrading to the Citrix Workspace v1810: After you upgrade the Citrix Receiver to the Citrix Workspace, the UiPath Citrix Extension is automatically uninstalled. In order to re-enable Native Citrix automation, you need to reinstall the UIPath Citrix Extension. After upgrading to the Citrix Workspace v1810, the UiPath Citrix Extension becomes corrupted. This is a known issue with this particular version of Citrix Workspace, and prevents you from opening any Citrix Apps. To fix this issue, you need to reinstall the UiPath Citrix Extension and then restart the Citrix Workspace.

3. Automating Browsers as Citrix Apps is Not Yet Supported: Browsers published as Citrix Apps are not yet supported. This means that you can not generate selectors for them, and activities such as Attach Browser and Navigate do not work. Support for browsers as Citrix Apps is to be implemented in a future release.

4. The Citrix Receiver for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is Not Supported: The UiPath Citrix Extension can not be installed for the Citrix Receiver for Universal Windows Platform. This also applies to Citrix Workspace for Universal Windows Platform. To use Native Citrix automation, please install the standard Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace instead.

5. The Citrix App Session May Enter The Idle State During Background Automation: If a Citrix App does not receive any input from the user for a while, the associated Citrix session enters the idle state and disconnects. The idle disconnect timeout value is configured on the Citrix application server, and is generally about 30 minutes. By default, the Click and Type Into activities send hardware events to the Citrix App, just as a regular user would. This prevents the Citrix App from entering the idle state.

answered Mar 28 by Pratibha
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